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About the application

Inside us is an application based on precise mathematical equations and relative relations to determine the characteristics of the people to reveals the causes of their problems with themselves aesthetically and psychologically etc., or with money and trade or with others or with their community
And tries to provide the best easy advices applicable to show the impact on the person and specifically and useful

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why is it special?

● Not traditional method of character analysis
● The algorithms was built of reading more than 33,000 people both ancient and modern
● These advices are not general but they are for each person and can not be alike with the same qualities even by 80%
● Information based on the study of the person's mathematical study relies on manual equations in order to preserve the confidentiality of equations
● We will help you to fine-tune yourself, meet the challenges and solve them accurately and applicable
● Following the instructions accurately will bring quick and remarkable results
● This application was built using math and algorithm relationships
● This application examines each case separately
● Useful and applicable advices
● No tricks, no joking or deceit
● You'll find here just the truth and science


The application will answer many questions for you For example:

on the personal side

● The angle of vision, the shape of the eye, the type of focus, and the amount of lighting are factors that determine how people see you well and why others do not
● Why do you see yourself as beautiful in a certain mirror and some people do not see you beautiful
● What is the secret of photography (away from the details of lenses and cameras and types) and why the picture appears uglier and less beautiful in many
● Why when your picture sees to others they confirming that your in that picture is as they see you and you see yourself otherwise
● What is the right mirror for you?
● Who are the people who see you correctly and beautiful?
● Why does some see you as handsome and beautiful and others do not see you as well?
● Is the beautiful thing to disagree with two person as it was said or that this generalization is not disciplined
● Why do not they often correct the advice of educators and nominees for each and benefit from only a few
● What are the things that help you see yourself as others see you

All that and more the app will answer for you.


Important Notes

We don't expect or know the future

These equations are not horoscope in any form and not follow astronomy These analyzes do not follow any traditional method or published according to our knowledge and even the moment in the analysis of characters Reading the date of birth,given name and parts of the face is carried out according to mathematical algorithm and ratios among the majority of humans have been devised Equations and analyzes in order are registered to intellectual property rights Built using Mathematical equations and a precise algorithm The use of relative relations such as golden ratio and other five ratios and other numerical constants These equations explain each person satisfactorily and provide advices that are applicable and precisely defined to each person individually Following the instructions accurately will bring quick and remarkable results
Giving the result requires 6-8 hours minimum and 12 hours maximum


App Accuracy

Because the mathematical data and equations are very accurate, so that different answers will result a great differences For example

● If there are two people of the same name and have the same date of birth but they have different answers to the two questions about the face. This means that there is a difference of at least 50%
● Also if we assume that two people answered the same answers and carry the same name and the date of birth different for one day, such as (26 May 1990) And (27 may 1990)
It means that there is at least a 50% difference in analysis between them

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Diamond Level "377$"

It includes a complete analysis of the character with all hidden parts in the personality and complete advices, in addition to determining the type of the mirror suitable for you and their dimensions.

Gold Level "207$"

Includes a complete analysis of the personality positive and negative and some advices, your way of thinking and what is your real problem.

Silver Level "FREE"

It is free and you can test the validity of our claim and accuracy of our analysis we will give you some positives and negatives, qualities and how you think.